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Technical Analysis

Learn Technical Analysis From Top Mentors Across India and Global to Trade like a Professional of Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Commodities, Index Etc.

Lets take a Random Course Content as an Example

01.What is Price Action
02. My SetUp
03. Program Trading
04. Personality Traits of Successful Traders
05. Starting Out
06. Market Cycle
07. Buying and Selling Pressure
08. Always in who owns the Market
09. SetUp and Signal Bars
10. Pullbacks and Bar Counting
11. Channels
12. Micro Channels
13. Trading Ranges and Vaccums
14. Breakouts and Gaps
15. Trend Types
16. Reversals
17. Major Trend Reversals
18. Final Flags
19. Wedges
20. Double Tops and Bottoms
21. Triangles
22. Head and Shoulders
23. Rounding Tops and Bottoms
24. Climaxes
25. Measured Moves, Support and Resistance
26. Probability and the Trader’s Equation
27. Swinging and Scalping
28. Orders
29. Protective Stops
30. Scaling In
31. Protective Stops for Scalps
32. Scaling In
33. Taking Profits
34. How to Trade
35. Trading Major Trend Reversals Tops
36. Trading Major Trend Reversals Bottoms
37. Trading MTR Failures
38. Trading on a Strong Bull Breakout
39. Trading a Strong Bear Breakout
40. Trading a Strong Bull Channel
41. Trading a Strong Bear Channel
42. Trading a Weak Bull Channel
43. Trading in Weak Bear Channel
44. Trading Channel Reversals
45. Trading in Trading Ranges
46. Trading Opening Range Swings
47. Trading Swings in the Middle of a Day
48. Trading Swings Into The Close
49. Extreme Scalping
50. Trading Options for Day Trades
51. Trading Options on Daily Charts
52. Best Trades
53. Some Recent Charts

00. Strategy 1 – Dynamic Trend Combos
00. Strategy 2 – Dynamic Reversal Combos
01. The 5 Keys
02. This Will Change How You See The Market
03. The Power of Candlesticks When You Know This
04. Knowing Market Conditions Can Change Everything
05. Trend Lines Are A Powerfull Tool
06. EMA – Most Traders Use Them The Wrong Way
07. Fibonacci Foundation
09. Momentum Changes Is The Key To Spotting Reversals
10. The Patterns That Work 90% of The Time When Used Correctly
11. Your First Trade
12. You Must Do This Before You Enter A Trade
13. Master The Mind
14. Start Doing Right Away
16. (Advanced) Intraday Trading Strategies
17. (Advanced) Price Action
18. (Advanced) Trade Setups

You Would learn All of these From Profitable Top Mentors

Indian Stock Market Courses

Top Mentor Courses that lakhs of people are Religiously Following for Bank Nifty, Option Buying /Selling, Stock , Technical Analysis. Fundamental Analysis, swing trading, Scalping, Investment strategies etc

And More

Forex Courses

Top mentor Forex Courses with Detailed information to be a Forex Professional

Commodities Pro

Everything you need to master Commodities trading

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Option Trading

You will understand how to trade in any market structure! 

Don’t Predict like Noobs

Mutual Funds Courses

Learn Mutual Funds in Detail and make the most out of it!

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Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency is the Future of Payments and get in Early to take Advantage of it ! The Opportunity here is incredibly big

Lets take a Random Course Content as an Example

We take you on a journey of deep cryptocurrency knowledge, psychological empowerment and an overall investment plan.


Since the creation of cryptocurrencies in 2010, our experienced and professional team have taught investors to take advantage of lucrative opportunities in this market space. You will receive our guidance and the support you need, to be the investor on whatever basis you want.


Cryptocurrencies can be confusing for most, due to the magnitude of options. However, we will reveal the crucial investing psychology needed, for both short-term and long-term opportunities. Our psychological mindmap works seamlessly alongside the most efficient strategies.


Our system has simple rules that will help you make pivotal investment decisions. By studying our archive of cryptocurrency knowledge, insights and rules, whether it’s $10 or $10,000, you will be empowered on how to expand your capital.

Each chapter is developed into condensed, powerful video tutorials.

Chapter 1 – Breaking Down The Cryptocurrency Market
Part 1 – Introduction to Cryptonary
Part 2 – Introduction To Cryptocurrencies
Part 3 – Breaking Down Blockchain
Part 4 – Mining
Part 5 – Hard Forks
Part 6 – Soft Forks
Part 7 – Crypto vs Stocks and Forex
Part 8 – Altcoins
Part 9 – Bitcoin vs Gold
Part 10 – Bitcoins Market Correlation

Chapter 2 – The Investors Edge
Part 1 – Risk v Reward
Part 2 – Bettering Yourself
Part 3 – Tortoise vs Hare Theory
Part 4 – Dollar Cost Averaging
Part 5 – Profit Taking Strategy
Part 6 – Re-Investing To Maximise Gains
Part 7 – Circulating Supply Secrets
Part 8 – ICO’s
Part 9 – Market Swings
Part 10 – Weekends
Part 10 – (BONUS) – BTC Profit Strategy

Chapter 3 – A New Perspective Of Fundamental & Technical Analysis
Part 1 – Setting Up
Part 2 – Difference From Other Markets
Part 3 – Top Down Analysis
Part 4 – Countertrends and Trendlines
Part 5 – Fibonacci
Part 6 – Market Impacting News
Part 7 – Putting It All Together
Part 8 – (BONUS) Plotting Range Zones
Part 9 – (BONUS) Moving Averages
Part 10 – (BONUS) – The Crypto Construct

Chapter 4 – Mastering Cryptocurrency Platforms
Part 1 – Kraken Home Page
Part 2 – Verification
Part 3 – 2 Factor
Part 4 – Deposits
Part 5 – Withdrawals
Part 6 – Bypassing The Banks
Part 7 – Simple Orders
Part 8 – Intermediate Orders
Part 9 – Advanced Orders
Part 10 – Advanced Charting Tools
Part 11 – Buy and Sell Walls
Part 12 – History
Part 13 – Altcoins – Bittrex
Part 14 – Altcoins – Bitfinex
Part 15 – Bitfinex Fund Management
Part 16 – (BONUS) Blockfolio

Chapter 5 – Advanced Cryptocurrency Protection
Part 1 – Cold Storage
Part 2 – Hardware Wallets
Part 3 – Updating Firmware
Part 4 – Sending Crypto
Part 5 – Receiving Crypto

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250+ Stock Market Courses 

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