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Sheik Oli, A Crypto Trader And Founder Of Nextream Pvt Ltd Scaled Multiple Business To 6 Figures. I Have Mentored 10,000+ People To Improve Their Communication Skills.

I have over 70,000 Followers On Social Media On various brands. I have over 9000 clients over various brands and 1000+ testimonials and 5 star Ratings!


I started Trading in 2020 and becomes my Full time Trader since I Loved the Process and the opportunity! My Initial time were as tough as any of the retail Traders and made lot of losses and blew a/c   many times! 

i learned how market structure behave, how to trade in bull run, bear run, accumulation , distribution! It helped me to become a full time trader and make consistent income

I put together lot of dedication, and handwork observing and reading past data hundreds of hours and learnt from top mentors , courses and premiums! I simplified everything in a way that brings clarity in you and help you find profitable trading opportunity Every single day!


My Last 2 months Pnl (Profit & Loss ) on Binance Exchange clicked every week!

No-one ever showcase their Pnl and their trades bz of the lack of consistency in Profits. We do we bz we have proven system!


No matter what the market structure is, we trade in bull market , bear market. accumulation or distribution, you can make money if you learn how to identify the market structure and how to trade in those markets!

Check out some trades in the slideshow! ( b- Longed/closed short) (S- shorted /closed the long)


₹ 8250/-


I have gained Enough Confidence in myself and the strategy we use which helped us giving bold statements!

I have learned from various top mentors of crypto, forex, stocks and spent hundreds of hours observing charts and  made consistent profits via a potential blueprint amd price action

if you cant make profits with us, claim your money back

we teach both swing trades and scalp (intraday) with sniper entries through our proven backtested setups

we dont give any time limit that improves your edge in mastering sniper entry and exit and this is why we extend mentorship for 6 months to help you with every mistake you make! 

however , if you are serious and follow our strategies religiously, you can master the art of trading in 3 months that brings consistent income

there is no barrier in profits! if you are consistent and stick with trading plan we teach, you can make anywhere bet 1 lakh -10 lakhs a month (depends on the investment and oppurtunity)

we never predict! 

we just are a bad predictors when it comes to knowing what the future goes!

we follow price action and make trading setups with  market behavior with high rewards low risk and this is how we make easy returns

we never learn anything bookish or theory ! we learn practical proven methods that you test in live market with me and see how much easier it is to trade live when you apply those price action with at least 80% win rate!

we learn pure price action without the need of any indicators , understand the market structure, reversal behavior and confirmation and confluence!

then you start with a demo ac and 10x your money in 3 months to get qualified to start with a real ac! we have tested our strategies 1000+ times that you never learn from any single mentor !

you trade live with us and understand the mistakes you make , emotions that brings loss, your urge to close the trade , impatience to follow the trading plan. we guide with step by step methods to help you qualify !

i have accumulated all the knowledge and wisdom from hundreds of top traders and mentors and eliminated all the losing strategies and gained simple practical setups that brings consistent profits

Verified professional

Trading Since 2020 as a full time and Completed a challenge from 3000₹ to 2 lakhs in 2 months and Documented the whole journey

Reliable & Fully Trusted

I have back tested 1000+ times to make it work! All updates are Free for lifetime. All our Future Webinars are included in this deal

Money-back guarantee

We give 7 days money back guarantee if it didn't add value in your life. So You don't risk anything

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