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How To Become A Professional Trader And Make Your First 1000$ In A Month

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When People See Numbers Like This

They All Ask Me The Same Question:

"How Do You Do That?"

That's Why I Created:

Profitable Traders Community

The Profitable Trader Academy is NOT just another online course...

that gives you access to a few random video lessons and that you only login once and then forget about.

The Profitable Traders Academy gives you Access to Advanced Insights you had never learned in YouTube or in any Premium Courses that helped me quit my Full time Job and become a Full time Trader. We have Proven system, strategies and blueprints that helps you make your First 1000$ without Incurring losses.

There will be no guesswork or confusion, but confidence and clarity, because you can simply follow a battle tested blueprint that’s proven to work!

With The Profitable Traders Academy You'll:

Knows exactly where is market is moving…

Have a step-by-step blueprint that you can use to make Profitable traders Consistently

Knows when to enter and exit…

Trade with Peaceful mind with stress free Trades

Have   Proven blueprint  that you can simply follow and use to make your first 1000$ and works like magic

Get the Exact strategy used to multiple the portfolio 66 times in 3 months

About Sheik Oli

Sheik Oli, A Crypto Trader And Founder Of Nextream Pvt Ltd 

 He started Trading in 2020 and become a Full time Trader since he Loved the Process and the opportunity! 

He mastered how market structure behave, how to trade in bull run, bear run, accumulation , distribution! It helped him to become a full time trader and make consistent income leaving his full time Job

He took a challenge and achieved 4x money in last 2 months and documented his Whole Journey with Pnl statement (Profit Loss ) of every week for 2 months Straight

I Figured Out How To Make Consistent Money That Helped Me Quit My Job and Become A Full Time Crypto Trader

For the First time ever, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and reveal…

How do i make my living with Trading Crypto full time and make consistent Money and How you can do using my step-by-step blueprint with Advanced Price Action insights you can use to trade like a professional without losing back money

Look: Everyone Who Stays Profitable Long Term In Day Trading Is Using This Exact Formula...

Every Profitable Traders and Top Ranked Traders of FTX Exchange I have Learned from Use it to make Millions of Dollars but Don’t Talk about it in Public…

But the good news is I have shared Everything You need to learn through my Profitable Traders Course that helps make your First 1000$ maximizing your Profits and Minimizing your Risks of Losses.

The Strategies helped me quit my job and become a full trader and makes money Every week..

Here is an Entire Month of My Trading Profits

You are Lying, What if this is just EDITED IMAGES

I know what you think!

How do you believe a guy who claim Idiotic things like this. I got you Covered. 

This is why I took a challenge myself to document my journey for the whole month in my Newly started YouTube Channel

800% Profit in 3 Days

I started with 200$ and caught 800% Profit (in Futures ) in the first 3 days   (120%  Move) of the 30 Day Challenge

click here watch all Videos here

Then Waited 5 Days

As there were no Opportunity.

I took Another Trade with bitcoin Captured 9% upside. 

It Got Rejected...

It got Rejected as the mentioned levels and all we had to do was shorting it and wait!!!

I waited more days and closed with the profit of 800$ in 5 days! Watch Other Videos to understand better .

This is How i made 1400$ with just 300$ in 3 weeks

and I will Teach you  step-by-step how can you can Make Consistent Profits Maximizing your Profits and Minimizing your Losses

What You'll Get When You Join The Profitable Traders Community Today:


You will Learn Everything from Basics to Advanced Analysis top Traders use that brings Consistent Profits and Minimize your Loss ! We tested it and grown our A/c 66 times in 3 months .I will Teach you step-by-step Process from Choosing the Pairs of the day to Trade, Finding the Reversal, Trend ,on chain Analysis, Momentum and news , finding Setup with Discipline and Risk management




you will do Trading Live with us with Proper Setup with Strict Risk Management to gain Confidence until you become Professional Trader. You get Access to our Discord Community where you get instant Updates along with tons of Educational Content updated every Week . You can meet Like minded People and improve your Knowledge and many more..




You get Instant access to complete blueprint that brings clarity when you trade which helped me make profits consistently without staring at the charts all day long.  You understand the Market structure , Trend, Entry and Exit , momentum with advanced handbook with insights that you had never noticed in the charts or in any Premium Courses!




Everyone wants to buy the bottom and sell at top. It is nearly impossible to do so. but with our Price Action and Momentum Trading along with 12 Reversal patterns with volume helps you catch the trend and ride them till the top and bottom for maximum profits. Most buy the dip thinking its the bottom and lost so much. If you master this you become Unstoppable




we analyze Wining setups and Losing Setups of the week and analyze the reason behind every Profit and loss booked! This Way you can Understand better about your own Mistakes and little things you miss that can lead to big losses



Total Value: $10,558

Normally $497 Now Just 199₹

What Makes The Profitable Traders Academy SO POWERFUL?

Here's What Others Have To Say About Sheik Oli And The Profitable Traders Academy:

Frequently Asked Questions:

❓ What are the Requirements Needed to Get started!

You need a Lap, 1 hr Time Everyday , 1000$ in portfolio to get started. Portfolio Requirement is just to help You avoid Fear while Trading. However, You will start with real Trading only after you grown your demo a/c 10 times in profit ! We have you Covered.

❓I alreay have been Trading, How will it help me?

I love to see you know the Foundations ! Most traders do learn Technical Analysis and still couldn’t make profits. There are 2 reasons! You didn’t know Momentum and Price Action and Psychology!

We teach you Pure Price Action and Momentum Along with getting you master your Technical Analysis . You can learn TA for Free if you just search in YouTube! We teach you stuff that we tested 1000 times which brought 66x Profits in Demo AC in 3 months and documented

❓Can I pay with Crypto ?

yes, Contact us on Email or Call us Directly to get more Details

❓How will I get Access ?

you will start with basics to Advanced Understanding Market Structure. Learn How to Trade in Bull Market, Bear market, Uptrend , Downtrend and Consolidation. We will Go live twice a week

❓I make Profits but I somehow lose it , What's in it for me?

because You haven’t Learned It Properly. there are only 2 sides. Anyone can make profits bz of it. It Does work half of the time but most lose all in 1 trade ! we teach How to master entry and exit , Trading zone and, trends , Global Markets, On Chain Analysis and many Advanced stuff! we have built and Tested Strategies that minimize your loss even if you are in a losing Side! 

❓I Live in Different Time Zone, will it have any effect on Learning?

we have strategically built Everything that Caters the whole World.  All you need is Internet and Hunger to Learn.

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